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  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 27
    [commodity name]: pet cushioning double head rope[commodity color]: Black[material]: PP+ metal + imported leather[specifications]: belt can be adjusted 88-112cm, pull 90cm can pull to 110cmDescription: running with this rope can completely release your hands and solve the inconvenience of holding your dog with your hands.
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 27
    Commodity name: a round switch bone light belt[commodity Specification]: 2.0*120CM[commodity packaging]: a single OPP bag[commodity weight]: 80 gramsColor classification: blue, red[luminescent material]: battery box + light guided PVC fiber (using two CR2032 batteries, battery in the city clock shop can be convenient to buy, also can contact customer service to buy standby battery)
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 27
    S collar 1.5cm wide, neck 24-33cm, strap 1.5cm wide, length 180cmM collar 2.0cm wide, neck 32-48cm, strap 2.0cm wide, length 150cmL collar 2.5cm wide, neck 48-73cm, strap 2.5cm wide, length 120cm
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 27
    [method of use]:1. Grasp the grip and hold the dog device so that the rope can be released gently in the direction of the movement of the dog. The dog can enjoy the freedom of action.2, by pressing the stop button, you can stop the free running of the dog and let it move in your range.3, pull back to the dog.Step 1: press the back button, move the arm forward to the dog's direction, and the rope can be automatically rolled back.The second step: press the button with your thumb and drag the dog in your direction. Three step: repeat... The one or two step, your dog will come back to you.This...
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 27
    [commodity name]: color edge net cloth chest backCommodity color: red, blue, yellow, purple, pink, green.[commodity material]: breathable mesh cloth[pet]: small and medium dog
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 27
    [commodity name]: multifunction traction rope[suitable for canine]: suitable for a variety of pet dogs[suitable position]: indoor and outdoor traction and fixation[color]: red, black, blueCommodity material: high quality nylon + chrome alloy fastener + chrome alloy pull ring.[commodity size]: full length 205.5 - 257cm adjustable part 18 - 120cm fixed part 140cm
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 27
    [commodity name]: Polyester weave traction rope[commodity material]: Polyester[commodity size]: 120cm[color]: red and blue, red yellow, blue and yellow[single product weight]: S-0.085kg, M-0.15kg, L-0.2kg
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 27
    [commodity name]: pet cushioning traction rope[product color]: red black blue[product material]: PP+ metal[product specifications]: 2.5CM wide stretching distance 80-120CMDog owners know that walking dogs is very important and beneficial to dogs.No matter what age dog, growing puppy or aging dog.They all need external activities. Walking dogs can promote the physical and mental health of dogs.It is also a good thing for the owner to go out with the dog. It can communicate with the dog, and the dog will be more lively. But sometimes the dog can run fast, so it needs to prevent the pulling rope ...
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 27
    [name]: multifunctional safety rope for pet car[commodity Specification]: adjustable range 45-65cm, full length 65cmCommodity color: orange, black, blue, green.This product is made of nylon material which is wear-resistant, anticorrosive and waterproof. It has a long service life and can also be used as a traction rope when getting off.
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 27
    [commodity name]: pure color nylon weave the back of the chestCommodity color: blue, green, pink, orange, purple, brown.[commodity size]:S code 26-30 suitable for small breeds such as teddy bear and other breedsM code 44-56 is suitable for medium-sized dogs like Samoye and husky.L code 64-92 is suitable for large dogs such as Jin Mao and Rado.[commodity characteristics]:1, double layer nylon thread design technology, wire drawing has reflector, beauty and light, etc., the function of wire drawing is to warn the vehicle, so as to prevent traffic accidents.2, Seiko sewing, cross stitching, line ...
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 26
    [commodity name]: double reflector adjustment[material]: reflective nylon silver ribbon buckled diving cloth.Commodity color: black, red, green, blue.[commodity Specification]: wide 2.5 rope length 120CMThis traction rope is a pet traction for high-end guests. It is not the ordinary material of the market. It is suitable for the Amazon, Tmall and other platforms for sale. It can only see the pictures on the Internet, can't touch the feeling, can't see the real material, so if you want to buy it, we can see the quality before order, and get the product. The product will surely become ou...
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 26
    Commodity name: dog dog nylon handle reflector wire adjust telescopic traction belt.Commodity color: fluorescent, yellow, fluorescent blue, fluorescent green, fluorescent orange and other polychromatic hair.[introduction] the nylon reflective silk is carefully stitched, with good texture, durable and bright colors, beautiful and fashionable.[commodity Specification]: wide 2.5cm, full length 172cm[suitable for pets]: small and medium dogs[note]: all adjustment buttons are metal buckle, the size is purely manual measurement, the error is 1-3cm. All the products are photographed in kind. Because ...
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  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 28
    Name of goods: Hugh's portable water kettleCommodity material: melamine (melamine A5)Color of the goods: green, blue, blue, pinkCommodity capacity: 250ml
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 28
    Name of goods: silica gel folding cupCommodity materials: food grade silica gel (safe and non-toxic)Color of the goods: pink, blue, green, yellow
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 28
    Name of goods: double reflector arm bandCommodity features: magic tape arm bandCommodity colors: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, white.Luminescent front: 28CM-32CMThe circumference of the whole arm band is 32CM, and the product width is 2.5cm
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 28
    Commodity material: ABS+LEDCommodity size: 9*6.5*3Commodity battery: 2 CR2016 batteriesLight mode: bright - flash - extinguishCommodity single weight: Plastic 50g, opp-30gPower supply: use 2 CR2016 button batteriesCommodity Description:1, different lights for your choice, red, yellow, orange, blue, green, white color;2, shell conventional color, black, white, pink can be customized color according to the guest color number;3, can print your LOGO, glittering your brand;4, two flashing modes, namely, flash and fixed flash.Commodity use:A strong luminosity at night, suitable for a variety of nigh...
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  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 28
    Product Name: frog gumPackaging of goods: plastic paper packingCommodity specifications: 130 cases per boxCommodity weight: 55gSuitable for age: more than 3 monthsCommodity size: 5.5cm*10.5cmPackage size: 17.5cm*9cmCommodity material:Food grade silicone (non bisphenol A, lead and known hazardous substances) non latex products, will not produce any allergic reactions to baby, can be assured of use!(Note: this price is the price of blister packaging. If customers need OPP packing, please contact customer service to discuss OPP packing price separately.The first stage: when the tooth is not forma...
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 28
    Name of the goods: a Baby Soothing nipplePackaging of goods: Vacuum + Kraft carton packagingCommodity weight: 0.05kgSuitable for age: more than:3 months babyMaterial material: safe food grade silica gel (not containing bisphenol A, lead and known harmful substances) non emulsion products, will not produce any allergy to baby, can be used safely!The feeding baby pacifier has the following effects:1. Relieve the pain and itching of the gums in the baby's teeth2. Massage the gums to make them stronger, and prompt the deciduous teeth to grow out in time.3, make the jaw bone normal development,...
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 28
    Product Name: Baby fries gumPackaging of goods: plastic paper packingCommodity weight: 55gSuitable for age: more than 3 monthsCommodity size: 6.5cm*65cmCommodity material:Food grade silicone (non bisphenol A, lead and known hazardous substances) non latex products, will not produce any allergic reactions to baby, can be assured of use!(Note: this price is the price of blister packaging. If customers need OPP packing, please contact customer service to discuss OPP packing price separately.The first stage: when the tooth is not formally grown, it will make the baby feel uncomfortable. The first ...
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 28
    Product Name: Penguin corn gumCommodity packaging: single plastic paper packagingCommodity weight: 55gSuitable for age: more than 3 monthsCommodity size: 5.5cm*10.5cmCommodity material:Food grade silicone (non bisphenol A, lead and known hazardous substances) non latex products, will not produce any allergic reactions to baby, can be assured of use!(Note: this price is the price of blister packaging. If customers need OPP packing, please contact customer service to discuss OPP packing price separately.The first stage: when the tooth is not formally grown, it will make the baby feel uncomfortab...
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 27
    Name of goods: gum gumPackaging of goods: vacuum bag + carton packingCommodity weight: 55gSuitable for age: more than 3 monthsPackage size: 19.5cm*11cmCommodity material:Food grade silicone (non bisphenol A, lead and known hazardous substances) non latex products, will not produce any allergic reactions to baby, can be assured of use!(Note: this price is the carton packing price. If the customer needs OPP packing, please contact customer service to discuss OPP packing price separately.The first stage: when the tooth is not formally grown, it will make the baby feel uncomfortable. The first pha...
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 27
    Name of goods: Children's silica gel BibCommodity weight: 55gSuitable for age: more than 3 monthsCommodity material:Food grade silicone (non bisphenol A, lead and known hazardous substances) non latex products, will not produce any allergic reactions to baby, can be assured of use!Instructions and notices are used:1, do not directly contact naked flame or near heat source (such as oven heating tube).2, use neutral detergent in dishwasher or hot water with sponge normal cleaning, when cleaning, turn over the mold, cleaning effect is better.3. Do not use the Crisp key of the microwave oven.4...
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 27
    Name of goods: nano silver silica gel toothbrushCommodity weight: 15gSuitable for age: more than 6 monthsCommodity size: 12.5CM*4.6CMCommodity material:Nano silver silica gel (not containing bisphenol A, lead and known hazardous substances) non latex products, will not produce any allergic reactions to baby, can be assured of use!(remarks: the price is no packing price. If the customer needs vacuum packing, please contact the customer service to discuss the vacuum packing price separately).The first stage: when the tooth is not formally grown, it will make the baby feel uncomfortable. The firs...
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 27
    Name of the goods: a little bee has a cartoon bottle.Commodity number: NP002Commodity capacity: 240mlCommodity material:Dust cover and blade: food grade PPNipple, straw, bee bottle and screw: food grade silica gel.Gravitational ball: food grade 304 stainless steel and food grade silica gelBottle: high borosilicate glassPackage specification: one box of independent packaging /6 piecesHeat resistance: PP part: 120 centigrade bottle: 600 CSilica gel nipple: 180 centigrade sucker: 120 CHoneybee bottle jacket: 200 degrees centigradeWeight: excluding 350 grams of packing and 650 grams of packing.Del...
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 27
    Name of goods: wide caliber cartoon cat milk bottleCommodity capacity: 240mlCommodity material:Dustproof cover,Leaf: food grade PP,A nipple,Sucker,Bottle sleeve of civet cat,Snails: food grade wow glue,Gravitational ball: stainless steel + food grade wow glue,Bottle: Gao Peng crystal drill glass
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 27
    Product Name: silicone gum glovesCommodity size: 10cm*6.5cm*2cmPacking size: 53cm*29cm*37cmCommodity material:Food grade silicone (excluding bisphenol A, lead and known hazardous substances) non latex products, will not cause allergic reactions to baby, can be assured of use!1, effectively help the baby to solve the bad habits of biting and biting fingers, and accompany the baby well through the oral sensitive period.2. Gloves can be adjusted to prevent falling off and buckle, so as to prevent gutta percha from falling off.3, the fingers and gutta percha isolation, the baby will not bite the f...
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 27
    【商品名称】卡通小逗熊      【商品包装】高档礼盒单个包装 【商品材质】防尘盖:食品级PP;螺旋盖:内层食品级PP,表层食品级硅胶;奶嘴,吸管,硅胶套:食品级硅胶;瓶身:进口高硼硅玻璃;重力球:食品级硅胶+304不锈钢【适用年龄】适用哺乳期各阶段宝宝【母乳实感】给力母婴针对婴儿吮吸的运动进行了长期彻底研究,在此基础上诞生了,仿真奶嘴,几乎和妈妈的乳头一样。有规律的反复平滑吮吸。【奶嘴特征】1、具有非常柔软一下子就可以伸长的功能,婴儿的舌头能进行如同吮吸母乳时一样的自由活动。2、哺乳中不会破损,和母乳一样有规律反复吮吸。3、如同乳房般隆起的设计,使婴儿能张开嘴巴充分达到吸吮运动的目的。 【奶瓶特征】1、瓶身根据人体工程学45度弧形设计,易握易拿,宝妈可以方便控制哺乳姿势,为宝宝带来奶瓶哺乳新体验。2、科学导气系统,减少奶水气泡,避免喂奶困扰,宝宝吸奶进顺畅。3、瓶身高硼硅晶钻玻璃材质,安全耐高温600℃正负温差200℃;不含双酚A、BPA;宽口44MM口径易倒奶粉易清洗;环保油墨贴花刻度安全卫生更具设计空间感。4、奶嘴采用食品级硅胶材质,母乳质感防胀气设计和螺纹设计,可自由弯曲和伸缩,有利于宝宝的口腔发育。5、重力球吸管:配置防胀气吸管盖,不管宝宝坐着还是躺着,都能随心吸吮。6、小熊形硅胶保护套:采用食品级硅胶材质,无双酚A、BP...
  • Pubtime: 2018 - 06 - 27
    [name]: silica gel bite gum[packing]: OPP bag[brand]: platube[weight]: 32gMaterial: food grade silicone (non bisphenol A, lead and known hazardous substances) non latex products will not cause allergic reactions to babies, and can be used safely.
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  • 06 / 28
    A dog's advantage in wearing a traction rope

    Taking a dog out is a small task every day. Before going out, we wear collar and traction rope for dogs, not because dogs are not obedient. In addition to ensuring that dogs are allowed to move within the range of parents, not to be lost or stolen, it can ensure the safety of the dogs when they cross the road, and to the neighbours who have no dogs or even fear of dogs, this move can give them a good sense of security. In addition, no matter how the dog's character or obedience, it is unavoidable to meet some of the events or situations that let them enter the stress state, such as the smell of the opposite sex dog in the oestrus period, or the provocation, or the fireworks and firecrackers during the Spring Festival, so as to ensure the safety of the dog and dog, parents must never loose their hands. A traction rope in it. And when the dog is preparing or is making the wrong behavior, such as throwing people, picking up food, etc., the traction rope is in hand, and the owner can correct it in time.

    The eight advantages of using the dog rope:

    1, increase the obedience of dog, strengthen the status of the host, and make the dog more obedient and obedient.

    2, to prevent dogs from getting lost, some dogs are playful and playful, parents can not call back, and you do not run fast, and dogs are easy to lose.

    3, to prevent a dog from having a traffic accident, many comrades have learned a lesson.

    4, prevent dogs from eating poisonous or rotten food, such as rat poison, etc.

    5, prevent the dog and dog fight injury, other dogs or cats may not play anti epidemic needles, so it is better to be careful, the injury is very dangerous, infected with the rabies and other infectious diseases are more troublesome;

    6, to prevent dogs from pulling 88, chaotic NN, causing neighbors tired and complaints;

    7, prevent unauthorized mating, reduce unwanted pregnancy and string dog birth!

    8, prevent dogs from biting or frightening others, such as neighbors, elderly people, children, etc. Losing money is a trivial matter, and it will seriously worsen the external environment of our dog owners.

  • 06 / 28
    Let the pet fall in love with the traction

    The most romantic thing I can think of is that after the sunset, you are wearing a sunglow, leading you to ramble along. Walk the dog, it's so easy and romantic. When many dogs follow their owners, they are especially excited when they go out to the new environment. They run around everywhere, easily lose their way, and are frightened by larger pets. Every year, a large number of dogs cause many traffic accidents and are killed. Using a traction belt can control the behavior of a dog, and prevent yourself from losing because of curiosity. Most medium and large dogs are very aggressive. They provide a large dog with a traction belt to prevent dogs from getting excited and attacking the crowd. Ensure the safety of the surrounding people.

    A series of pet products, such as pet belt, traction rope and chest belt, are designed in shape, color, packaging and so on. The first principle is safe and practical, and the first interests of consumers are ensured. Secondly, all the details of pet products are processed, and environmental safety processing technology is adopted. The high grade leather is made of strong and strong. The sutures are fine and strong, the original ecological cowhide is soft and comfortable, and the owners take the dogs and dogs for a walk. The patented metal spring buckle is cushioned and cushioned to prevent dogs from injure their necks while exerting their strength. The owner always pays attention to the dog's behavior. When the dog is ready to exert force, it should advance the force or cooperate with the password. Smart pets will quickly adapt, farewell walk, let pets easily accompany.

    Pets use traction belt, more security and more peace of mind.

  • 06 / 28
    Pet collar is designed to protect, control and draw pets.

    Selection of collars

    When a dog wears a collar, he must not be too careful, because when he suddenly runs or excuses, the collar is too tight, which will cause damage to the dog. The right collar should be the dog's wearing and the space where the master can place two fingers.

    Measurement of neck circumference

    When buying collars, you usually see a sign of X cm~x cm on the neck. In general, the first number represents the length of the dog's jaw one week after the neck is parallel around the neck, and the second numbers represent the length of the neck parallel to the back of the neck for a week.

    1.5cm collar: neck around 26-33cm, suitable for small dogs

    2.0cm collar: neck girth 30-39cm, suitable for medium-sized dogs

    2.5cm collar: neck girth 37-46cm, suitable for large dogs

    Selection of pet collar material

    Pet collars and necklines: dogs and dogs take a walk to the outside, and cats have the vagabond nature. For their safety, it is best to tie them to their necklines. In the pet store, you can find three kinds of collars and necklines of metal, nylon and leather. The metal is strong and durable, and the price is the lowest, but it makes the baby uncomfortable; the nylon is comfortable, the price is in the middle, the leather is expensive and expensive, but the price is expensive.

    The correct wear of the pet collar

    The first step is to dismantle the selected pet collar products.

    Second step: take the pet collar out;

    Third step: set the pet collar on the neck of the dog. Determine the size of the dog's neck, and then choose the suitable Kong Wei, fasten the hardware BUCKLE; the fourth step: after determining the loop system, then the traction with the hardware buckle on the collar of the "D" ring, the operation is over.

  • 06 / 28
    The type of the dog's traction rope

    Type of traction rope:

    1, collar

    The material is divided into the cortex, nylon, plastic, cotton and synthetic skin. The skin collars made of cowhide are long, close to the dog's skin, and the oil on the dog's body will infiltrate. The cortex will be brighter, softer, more flexible, and the service life will be lengthened. But small dogs do not have to use a leather, traditional bell ring collar.

    2, chest straps

    Almost every chest belt has a circle around the chest of the dog's chest, and there is a circle in the front of the front of the front leg, and the connecting points of the rope are mostly located on the back center point above the back of the shoulder.

    3.The evolutionary version of the chest strap is often seen in large and medium-sized dogs. The first is to put one in the middle of the two big circles and place it on the bottom skeleton. The second one is the chest strap with two skeletons. Because the chest braces with more brackets are added, as long as the length is adjusted to fit in the shape of a dog, it will hardly happen. At the same time, parents in the process of pulling the dog, the intensity can also be evenly distributed in the chest and abdomen.

    4, the chain is also called the "P chain"

    The P word chain has the details of the thickness. It can choose the appropriate wear according to the dog's body shape, use the P word chain, and the most important thing is the correct way of wearing. If you are on the right and the dog in the left position to help the dog wear, you must put the chain in the "P" shape, so that the direction of the force is right; if the "mouth" shape, the direction is completely wrong, you pull, the dog's neck will be bundled, improper use, and even let the dog's trachea hurt. Of course, if the person is on the left and the dog is in the right position, he will wear it in a "Q" shape. In addition to the direction of the chain and the location of the dog, the chain should also pay attention to the lubricity of the chain, otherwise it will easily hurt the dog.

    The main role of P word chain is not to let the dog pain, its focus is "instant use", the use must be quick and accurate, the main is to quickly pull the chain to make the instant contraction, let the dog produce uncomfortableness, at the same time in the chain touch the dog of the moment to stop, like people and people with sword, point to date. Because the use of the P word chain must be very careful, if you are careless, you will hurt your dog. If your dog is afraid of nature or the relationship between human and dog has not been established, do not use it. Before you use it, you must consult experts, and put the P word chain on your arm for several times to master the knack and use it on the dog.

    5, headcollar

    From the horse's head, a dog chain that controls dogs better. The direction of the dog's movement is basically determined by the direction of the head. The headcollar accompanying band is to control the dog's behavior by changing the direction of the dog's head. It only requires a gentle force to prevent the dog from running forward. When wearing, pay attention to the position of the button on the lower jaw rather than the throat. When starting wearing, the dog will not be able to adapt to the rope above the nose, and it will improve quickly through slow training.

    6. Retractable rope

    This is the legendary semi control collar, which is actually a combination of collar and P chain. The control strength and comfort are also between the two. Choose a suitable collar according to the characteristics of your dog. The telescopic rope is divided into large, medium and small dogs. The handle is in accordance with the ergonomics, the grip is just good, and the control button determines whether to put the long line, and the function that automatically contracts the rope back. The invention of this product focuses on the strength of nylon cord, which is thin and resistant to pull. The quality of the stretch rope is also crucial. The key to purchase is to measure the length of the dog you need and the weight you can afford.

    7, collar stopper

    There are two main types. One is a collar that is installed at the throat of a larynx. When a dog barks, a collar naturally produces a current, and another is a barking collar that sends out a kind of odour that is unbearable for dogs. These are all dogs that feel immediate discomfort, so dogs bark less.

  • 06 / 28
    Pet beautician in pet industry: the secret to pet beauty

    1, the reason why the garden chicken and chicken chicken and firewood eggs are more nutritious than the caged Chai, more than the caged meat chicken, and the unique delicious taste when eating, this is because the garden is different from the broiler, the variety is different from the broiler, the amount of activities under the forest is large and the food is all kinds of plants and small insects around it. Grain feed (some grain feed suspected to contain hormones) does not abuse antibiotics, natural growth rate is slower than that of caged broilers, more nutrients can be accumulated in the meat of Chai Chai, organic combination of various elements, so the nutritive value of Chai and Chai eggs is high, and the taste is delicious.

    2, compared to the broilers we raise, the meat of the Chai is more strong, the meat structure and the proportion of nutrition are more reasonable. The meat of the Chai is rich in protein, trace elements and various nutrients, the content of the fat is low, and the taste is not the flavor of simple animal fat, but more delicious and tasty. It's not greasy for a long time. It is of great value to the health of our human body. It is a meat product that we Chinese prefer, belonging to the meat of high protein. Its taste and grade on the table are far away from the captive chicken.

    3. There are rich amino acids in the Chai. The amino acids are very important to the human body. He is the most basic substance that constitutes the body protein of our body and is related to life activities. It is the basic unit of the protein molecules in the organism. It is the basic substance of our life, and is closely related to the life activities of human beings. The relationship. It is an essential nutrient in our body. These nutrients in Chai chicken meat are of great importance to the growth and development of our human body.

    4. The chicken skin in the chicken is rich in glial protein. It can be quickly absorbed and used by the human body. It is a very good colloid. When we are doing Chai chicken, we will find the difference between the chicken and the chicken in the market. We often eat the Chai to enhance our body's physique and improve the immunity of our human body. There are many ways to make the Chai, such as stew, barbecue, air dry and so on. No matter what method is used, the nutritive value of the Chai is much higher than that of the chickens we buy in the market. It's a real green and pollution-free food.

    From ancient times, Chai chicks are high quality tonic on people's table. In the state advocating for the protection of wild animals and not hunting and eating wild animals today, the spread of Chai, and the eggs of firewood, have replaced wild animals and become one of the best substitutes for wild animals. Throughout the ages, a well - known good habit is still inheriting: after the production of pregnant women, the use of Chai to stew the soup can promote the recovery of the body; the weak, the elderly, the sick and sick people all know how to stew chicken soup to eat, nourish the body and get the quickest time for recovery.

  • 06 / 28
    Pet travel: enjoy the journey with the pet

    Here are some places to visit when pets arrive at their destinations. At present, many hotels and hotels do not allow pets to stay overnight. Without considering the accommodation of pets, this trip will bring you incalculable pain.

    Success rate 99%

    According to the survey, the choice of farmhouse and family hotel can bring pets in, and the success rate can reach 99%. This kind of family hotel is in the scenic spot, the local residents arrange the idle rooms well, and declare to the public security department, the industry and Commerce and the health department, through the verification of the eligible issuance of public security certificate, health license, management license, etc., as a kind of hostel at the peak of tourism. This family hotel not only has the warm charm of the family, the taste of local customs, but also economical, simple and generous, and is loved by the people. Not only that, but also the spacious farmyard dam can provide pets with playing grounds, and is the best place to visit with pets.

    Success rate 80%

    The choice of the second way of lodging is the youth travel agency, the general youth travel agency can take a pet, in case of precaution, or call in advance to inquire the conditions and rules of some occupancy. The youth hostel alliance, known as the Youth Hostel, provides short-term accommodation for young people, especially young people who engage in outdoor activities and cultural exchange activities. The youth travel agency does not have the official regulation of the hotel and the price is cheap. It is one of the most frequently considered accommodation places for the self-service travellers and backpackers with limited budget. For Alice friends with pets, youth travel agencies generally accept, of course, different places have different rules. At present, the rate of acceptance of pet accommodation is 80%.

    Success rate 50%

    The above two ways of accommodation are suitable for some scenic spots close to nature. If you think of some tier cities and second tier cities, the best way is to stay in some star rated hotels and hostels. Some cities also have special pet hotels, but the scope is small and the consumption is high, which is a little extravagant and wasteful for ordinary people. After lodging in some hotels and hotels, we need to call ahead of time by telephone. After being allowed, and after a commitment to pay a certain amount of cleanliness, the hotel will not often make things difficult for the owner. But the difficulty of staying in large dogs is also more difficult, but no matter where you live, the dog's mouth cover, pet mattress, litter, bag cleaning and so on are essential.

    Waving a sleeve without leaving a dog hair

    No matter where you live, you need to keep your furniture and cleanliness in place. The hostel will dare to stay in the hostel next time. After arriving at the lodging, the pet's litter and mats should be paved to make him feel at home in the evenings. The hair on your body should not be scattered all over the floor. It is best to keep the house clean and what it is like. Enjoy the joy of your pet at your side.

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    Dongguan City Power Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in January 2014, located in the three a high-tech industrial park of Dongguan Dong Keng town. We are an e-commerce enterprise which mainly rel...
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