Pet travel: enjoy the journey with the pet

Date: 2018-06-28
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Here are some places to visit when pets arrive at their destinations. At present, many hotels and hotels do not allow pets to stay overnight. Without considering the accommodation of pets, this trip will bring you incalculable pain.

Success rate 99%

According to the survey, the choice of farmhouse and family hotel can bring pets in, and the success rate can reach 99%. This kind of family hotel is in the scenic spot, the local residents arrange the idle rooms well, and declare to the public security department, the industry and Commerce and the health department, through the verification of the eligible issuance of public security certificate, health license, management license, etc., as a kind of hostel at the peak of tourism. This family hotel not only has the warm charm of the family, the taste of local customs, but also economical, simple and generous, and is loved by the people. Not only that, but also the spacious farmyard dam can provide pets with playing grounds, and is the best place to visit with pets.

Success rate 80%

The choice of the second way of lodging is the youth travel agency, the general youth travel agency can take a pet, in case of precaution, or call in advance to inquire the conditions and rules of some occupancy. The youth hostel alliance, known as the Youth Hostel, provides short-term accommodation for young people, especially young people who engage in outdoor activities and cultural exchange activities. The youth travel agency does not have the official regulation of the hotel and the price is cheap. It is one of the most frequently considered accommodation places for the self-service travellers and backpackers with limited budget. For Alice friends with pets, youth travel agencies generally accept, of course, different places have different rules. At present, the rate of acceptance of pet accommodation is 80%.

Success rate 50%

The above two ways of accommodation are suitable for some scenic spots close to nature. If you think of some tier cities and second tier cities, the best way is to stay in some star rated hotels and hostels. Some cities also have special pet hotels, but the scope is small and the consumption is high, which is a little extravagant and wasteful for ordinary people. After lodging in some hotels and hotels, we need to call ahead of time by telephone. After being allowed, and after a commitment to pay a certain amount of cleanliness, the hotel will not often make things difficult for the owner. But the difficulty of staying in large dogs is also more difficult, but no matter where you live, the dog's mouth cover, pet mattress, litter, bag cleaning and so on are essential.

Waving a sleeve without leaving a dog hair

No matter where you live, you need to keep your furniture and cleanliness in place. The hostel will dare to stay in the hostel next time. After arriving at the lodging, the pet's litter and mats should be paved to make him feel at home in the evenings. The hair on your body should not be scattered all over the floor. It is best to keep the house clean and what it is like. Enjoy the joy of your pet at your side.

2018 - 06 - 28
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