The type of the dog's traction rope

Date: 2018-06-28
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Type of traction rope:

1, collar

The material is divided into the cortex, nylon, plastic, cotton and synthetic skin. The skin collars made of cowhide are long, close to the dog's skin, and the oil on the dog's body will infiltrate. The cortex will be brighter, softer, more flexible, and the service life will be lengthened. But small dogs do not have to use a leather, traditional bell ring collar.

2, chest straps

Almost every chest belt has a circle around the chest of the dog's chest, and there is a circle in the front of the front of the front leg, and the connecting points of the rope are mostly located on the back center point above the back of the shoulder.

3.The evolutionary version of the chest strap is often seen in large and medium-sized dogs. The first is to put one in the middle of the two big circles and place it on the bottom skeleton. The second one is the chest strap with two skeletons. Because the chest braces with more brackets are added, as long as the length is adjusted to fit in the shape of a dog, it will hardly happen. At the same time, parents in the process of pulling the dog, the intensity can also be evenly distributed in the chest and abdomen.

4, the chain is also called the "P chain"

The P word chain has the details of the thickness. It can choose the appropriate wear according to the dog's body shape, use the P word chain, and the most important thing is the correct way of wearing. If you are on the right and the dog in the left position to help the dog wear, you must put the chain in the "P" shape, so that the direction of the force is right; if the "mouth" shape, the direction is completely wrong, you pull, the dog's neck will be bundled, improper use, and even let the dog's trachea hurt. Of course, if the person is on the left and the dog is in the right position, he will wear it in a "Q" shape. In addition to the direction of the chain and the location of the dog, the chain should also pay attention to the lubricity of the chain, otherwise it will easily hurt the dog.

The main role of P word chain is not to let the dog pain, its focus is "instant use", the use must be quick and accurate, the main is to quickly pull the chain to make the instant contraction, let the dog produce uncomfortableness, at the same time in the chain touch the dog of the moment to stop, like people and people with sword, point to date. Because the use of the P word chain must be very careful, if you are careless, you will hurt your dog. If your dog is afraid of nature or the relationship between human and dog has not been established, do not use it. Before you use it, you must consult experts, and put the P word chain on your arm for several times to master the knack and use it on the dog.

5, headcollar

From the horse's head, a dog chain that controls dogs better. The direction of the dog's movement is basically determined by the direction of the head. The headcollar accompanying band is to control the dog's behavior by changing the direction of the dog's head. It only requires a gentle force to prevent the dog from running forward. When wearing, pay attention to the position of the button on the lower jaw rather than the throat. When starting wearing, the dog will not be able to adapt to the rope above the nose, and it will improve quickly through slow training.

6. Retractable rope

This is the legendary semi control collar, which is actually a combination of collar and P chain. The control strength and comfort are also between the two. Choose a suitable collar according to the characteristics of your dog. The telescopic rope is divided into large, medium and small dogs. The handle is in accordance with the ergonomics, the grip is just good, and the control button determines whether to put the long line, and the function that automatically contracts the rope back. The invention of this product focuses on the strength of nylon cord, which is thin and resistant to pull. The quality of the stretch rope is also crucial. The key to purchase is to measure the length of the dog you need and the weight you can afford.

7, collar stopper

There are two main types. One is a collar that is installed at the throat of a larynx. When a dog barks, a collar naturally produces a current, and another is a barking collar that sends out a kind of odour that is unbearable for dogs. These are all dogs that feel immediate discomfort, so dogs bark less.

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