Pet collar is designed to protect, control and draw pets.

Date: 2018-06-28
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Selection of collars

When a dog wears a collar, he must not be too careful, because when he suddenly runs or excuses, the collar is too tight, which will cause damage to the dog. The right collar should be the dog's wearing and the space where the master can place two fingers.

Measurement of neck circumference

When buying collars, you usually see a sign of X cm~x cm on the neck. In general, the first number represents the length of the dog's jaw one week after the neck is parallel around the neck, and the second numbers represent the length of the neck parallel to the back of the neck for a week.

1.5cm collar: neck around 26-33cm, suitable for small dogs

2.0cm collar: neck girth 30-39cm, suitable for medium-sized dogs

2.5cm collar: neck girth 37-46cm, suitable for large dogs

Selection of pet collar material

Pet collars and necklines: dogs and dogs take a walk to the outside, and cats have the vagabond nature. For their safety, it is best to tie them to their necklines. In the pet store, you can find three kinds of collars and necklines of metal, nylon and leather. The metal is strong and durable, and the price is the lowest, but it makes the baby uncomfortable; the nylon is comfortable, the price is in the middle, the leather is expensive and expensive, but the price is expensive.

The correct wear of the pet collar

The first step is to dismantle the selected pet collar products.

Second step: take the pet collar out;

Third step: set the pet collar on the neck of the dog. Determine the size of the dog's neck, and then choose the suitable Kong Wei, fasten the hardware BUCKLE; the fourth step: after determining the loop system, then the traction with the hardware buckle on the collar of the "D" ring, the operation is over.

2018 - 06 - 28
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