Three important conditions for keeping pets

Date: 2018-06-28
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Pets, as the most popular members of modern family life, are widely pursued. In the process of getting along with pets, we gradually find the infinite benefits that pets bring to human beings. The pace of modern life is fast. The young generation is stressed and has no time to accompany their children. "Ding pet family", "DINK" and "empty nest family" are present in succession, reflecting the strange circle of modern society from the side, which can not be denied the benefits that pets bring to mankind in this environment. Pets have the advantages of nurturing their children's love and inspiring their children's sense of responsibility, and can satisfy the "son" of the "DINK" parents; it can relieve the young people's feelings in the complex society; to a certain extent, it has replaced the children's "filial piety" for their parents and relieves the loneliness of the old. But we should not blindly raise pets, regardless of their needs and regardless of the mood of pets.

The first point is mentality: no matter what we do, we need to be mindset. The same is true of pets. We can't just keep pets for the sake of fashion and fun. When you identify the pet at that moment, it is already a member of your family life. For its daily life, you have to pay special attention to it. After all, pets are animals. It needs more care and care.

Patient enough: when pets come to their new home, they think they have more responsibilities. In addition to bringing joy to people, pets will bring a series of "troubles". In urban life, more people choose dogs as pets, first because of their loyalty, and secondly because they are bright, smart and easy to train. According to research, the IQ of a dog is equivalent to that of a 4 year old child. Dogs need more energy in their daily life, first of all, cleaning problems, taking a bath on time in the summer, having a long hair to take care of. In the end, it is a troublesome process to teach the dog how to go to the bathroom for the health of the family and the grace of the family environment. This is a very troublesome process. In general, it takes about a month to learn, which requires the owner to have enough patience.

Sufficient time: dogs are natural animals, lively and active are their natural instincts. The owners should have enough time and energy to take care of them, and many people are "easy to rest" after buying a pet, especially the young workers, who usually have no time to accompany the dog, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of the dog. Dogs need to communicate with their owners, especially when they are entering new homes. Therefore, keeping pets is not only to satisfy their desires, but also to see whether they can have pets. To give your dog a healthy growth environment, you must be careful when buying.

2018 - 06 - 28
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