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Commodity material: ABS+LED

Commodity size: 9*6.5*3

Commodity battery: 2 CR2016 batteries

Light mode: bright - flash - extinguish

Commodity single weight: Plastic 50g, opp-30g

Power supply: use 2 CR2016 button batteries

Commodity Description:

1, different lights for your choice, red, yellow, orange, blue, green, white color;

2, shell conventional color, black, white, pink can be customized color according to the guest color number;

3, can print your LOGO, glittering your brand;

4, two flashing modes, namely, flash and fixed flash.

Commodity use:

A strong luminosity at night, suitable for a variety of night sports like running, mountaineering, riding, street dance, and so on; can serve as an... 1 warning function, suitable for carrying on the arms, sports shoes, and all kinds of mountain bikes.

major function

1, LED shoe clip is a LED shoe heel warning small gift, the main function of the night running and cycling people easier to install... 1 sports. This is a lightweight U - shaped clip with your heels. Once attached to your shoes, your shoes are flickering with LED lights. This allows you to see the warning signs at night.

2, anyone running or riding a bicycle will tell you that it is dangerous to go out for sports at night. Usually they wear aerobic exercise reflective vests at night, but these are more troublesome and do not take the initiative to care for users.


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