Pet beautician in pet industry: the secret to pet beauty

Date: 2018-06-28
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1, the reason why the garden chicken and chicken chicken and firewood eggs are more nutritious than the caged Chai, more than the caged meat chicken, and the unique delicious taste when eating, this is because the garden is different from the broiler, the variety is different from the broiler, the amount of activities under the forest is large and the food is all kinds of plants and small insects around it. Grain feed (some grain feed suspected to contain hormones) does not abuse antibiotics, natural growth rate is slower than that of caged broilers, more nutrients can be accumulated in the meat of Chai Chai, organic combination of various elements, so the nutritive value of Chai and Chai eggs is high, and the taste is delicious.

2, compared to the broilers we raise, the meat of the Chai is more strong, the meat structure and the proportion of nutrition are more reasonable. The meat of the Chai is rich in protein, trace elements and various nutrients, the content of the fat is low, and the taste is not the flavor of simple animal fat, but more delicious and tasty. It's not greasy for a long time. It is of great value to the health of our human body. It is a meat product that we Chinese prefer, belonging to the meat of high protein. Its taste and grade on the table are far away from the captive chicken.

3. There are rich amino acids in the Chai. The amino acids are very important to the human body. He is the most basic substance that constitutes the body protein of our body and is related to life activities. It is the basic unit of the protein molecules in the organism. It is the basic substance of our life, and is closely related to the life activities of human beings. The relationship. It is an essential nutrient in our body. These nutrients in Chai chicken meat are of great importance to the growth and development of our human body.

4. The chicken skin in the chicken is rich in glial protein. It can be quickly absorbed and used by the human body. It is a very good colloid. When we are doing Chai chicken, we will find the difference between the chicken and the chicken in the market. We often eat the Chai to enhance our body's physique and improve the immunity of our human body. There are many ways to make the Chai, such as stew, barbecue, air dry and so on. No matter what method is used, the nutritive value of the Chai is much higher than that of the chickens we buy in the market. It's a real green and pollution-free food.

From ancient times, Chai chicks are high quality tonic on people's table. In the state advocating for the protection of wild animals and not hunting and eating wild animals today, the spread of Chai, and the eggs of firewood, have replaced wild animals and become one of the best substitutes for wild animals. Throughout the ages, a well - known good habit is still inheriting: after the production of pregnant women, the use of Chai to stew the soup can promote the recovery of the body; the weak, the elderly, the sick and sick people all know how to stew chicken soup to eat, nourish the body and get the quickest time for recovery.

2018 - 06 - 28
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