All the year round, how to do a good job of pet health care

Date: 2018-06-28
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All seasons of the year, alternate exchange, every season has a matter of idea, home pet has a special idea, spring everything resuscitation, bright sun, warm weather, many owners will let pets in the sun "sunbathe", drying the accumulated dark winter in the winter, but the long time of the sun will cause the dog skin very much. Great damage. Strong ultraviolet rays burn the skin of a dog. Therefore, sun shading is the first step in spring health care, when the sun is more intense, try to cover the sun with the cloth curtain. If it is outdoors, wear clothes for the dog and dog. This season is also a period of flea activity. Cat and dog pets often go to the outdoor lawn, and fleas have the opportunity to attach to them, so it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning during this period. Before the parasite has started to move, it will completely eradicate the defense. Bacteria are particularly active at this time, mainly in the spring, mainly through close contact between people and pets, especially children, often licking their hands after playing with dogs. These are the most direct ways of spreading. Therefore, we must do a good job of preventive measures.

Hot summer, pet temper abnormal, we must pay attention to cooling work. As the temperature rises, the metabolism slows down in the pet's body, starting to pick up food, causing nutritional problems and even physical decline. The owner needs a diet of pet, and the food containing protein and vitamins is used instead of sugar rich food. Water is the necessary material for animals. As the temperature continues to rise, the amount of water in the pet is increasing. To ensure the sufficient and clean water source, the pet's utensils should also be cleaned regularly so as to avoid the breeding of bacteria. Thick hair is the biggest predator in summer, and goes to pet grooming shop for pets, minus some hair, but can not cut too much. Cats and dogs only have sweat glands on their paws. In order to help them dissipate sweat glands, they should pay attention to trimming hair near the claw pad. Many owners see pet fever, they simply put them in the air-conditioned room, in fact, this is a very unwise choice, from the pet hospital survey statistics, summer and day to the hospital for most of the dogs and dogs are "air conditioning." Sunscreen must be paid attention to in summer. Appropriate sunlight can promote the absorption of the pet to calcium, but the exposure to the hot sun for a long time will not only lead to hair color change and skin cancer, but also cause the daily shooting of the sun. The mouth breathing and body temperature increased until the shock died.

After hot summer comes into cool autumn, dog's fatigue will show, so we should pay attention to the timely supply of nutrition. When the autumn is high, the owner should take a pet out for a walk every day, increasing the amount of exercise, and the dog will become excited and appetite will increase gradually. Like spring, autumn shopping is easier to remove hair. This is part of the wool changing stage. The owner should pay attention to the cleaning of hair. The weather is getting cooler and the pet is the easiest to catch cold, so you must pay special attention after bathing. In particular, puppies, old dogs and indoor dogs must thoroughly dry up and keep warm to prevent colds. In addition, it is easy to produce canine distemper during this period. Its initial symptoms are similar to those of colds.

In winter, because of the temperature, the dog is vulnerable to cold air invasion, or because of management, cold protection measures are not effective, causing cold, serious people will secondary pneumonia, tracheitis and other respiratory diseases. The effective measures for prevention are to move the outdoor dog nest to the root of the wall of the back to the sun, and to hang a thick cloth curtain on the entrance of the dog to prevent the invasion of the wind. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases and make good vaccination and insect repellent.

2018 - 06 - 28
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