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Name of the goods: a Baby Soothing nipple

Packaging of goods: Vacuum + Kraft carton packaging

Commodity weight: 0.05kg

Suitable for age: more than:3 months baby

Material material: safe food grade silica gel (not containing bisphenol A, lead and known harmful substances) non emulsion products, will not produce any allergy to baby, can be used safely!

The feeding baby pacifier has the following effects:

1. Relieve the pain and itching of the gums in the baby's teeth

2. Massage the gums to make them stronger, and prompt the deciduous teeth to grow out in time.

3, make the jaw bone normal development, permanent teeth healthy growth to lay a good foundation.

4, exercise the baby's sucking and biting action, exercise mouth ability.

5, exercise the coordination ability of the baby's mouth and hand

6, exercise the baby's ability to perceive soft and hard, color, sound and other aspects, and promote mental development.

7, let the baby get psychological satisfaction and security


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